MapPad update 2

There is an update planned for the 1st of Feb 2014 for MapPad Demo and MapPad Pro.

The update will include following features:

1. Added possibility to search waypoints by Name
2. Option to share single waypoint to the number of services and standard ways like SMS or E-mail.
3. Possibility to add custom WMS
4. Transparency of Google Maps overlays WMS and ArcGIS Server Tiled services can be now changed.

More details how to use wms services can be found here:

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2 thoughts on “MapPad update

  • osedok Post author

    New versions are available now on Google Play. No issues identified – please get in touch in case of any problems.

  • osedok Post author

    Some minor issues have been identified with the last update:

    – on some devices the set transparency seek bar was not visible
    – on some devices Add WMS function was not working as expected.

    Both issues are now fixed and new versions are published to Google Play.