Application description

MapPad is providing a simple mapping solution based on Open Street Map and Bing Maps allowing location capture, measurements using different methods and simple data management with export options.

This application can be particularly useful for anyone involved in forestry, agriculture, roofing, fencing, construction, planning or farming business. It also can be used in the whole range of outdoor activities like golf, biking, walking, running, jogging and other sports where possibility of measure area or length can be useful for development and further analysis in e.g. Google Earth.

With MapPad, you can share your tracks and measurements with Google Drive, G Mail, Ever Note or just display and analyze your track in Google Earth with only few taps of your screen.

Main features:

– Calculate area (using Lambert azimuthal equal – area projection) [m2] – very accurate, please compare with other applications (It was tested on the football pitch 90x60m getting area very close to 5400m2 – some applications the same area represent as 5000-5300m2 due to wrong map projection used when calculating areas from Lat, Lon coordinates).

– Calculate perimeter of the area drawn.

– Measure length (using Vincenty formula for distance) [m] and show the bearing from A to B.

– 3 methods of measurement are now supported (Tap on the map, GPS location, Map cursor location).

– Ability to Save\Load\Delete the measurements results.

– Export Measurement results to KML, GPX, CSV (To export go to Tools>Manage>Measurement, select element on the list then press Export.

– Export Waypoints by Categories to KML, GPX, GPX as Track for Open Street Map, CSV Select Tools>Manage>Categories, then choose element on the list and press Export.

– Direct Export and sharing of the data to Google Fusion Tables.

– Waypoints management – each waypoint is displaying the distance and direction to it from current location.

– Upload and share measurements results directly to OpenStreetMap with few clicks.

– Support for most common units length:[m, yd, ft, km, mi, nmi], area: [m2, ha, a, acre, km2, mi2, nmi2].

– OSM Mapnik and Cycle map (Internet access required).

– Support for Bing Maps as a base map option (add your own enterprise or free basic Bing Map key in the settings for better performance).

– GPS status and satellites status.

– Address, location search (Internet access required).

– Add points using current GPS position.

– Add points manually by selecting location on the map.

– Support for 3 different coordinate systems (WGS84, Web Mercator, British National Grid)

– Possibility to edit points labels and description.

– Possibility of removing added points

– Add/Edit/Delete categories

– Ability to set default measurement units

– Automatic trace recording for measurements, start measure to see the track option.

– Elevation profile available for measurements done by GPS

– Import of KML and GPX files to the application

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